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Front: 20x9, 20x10   Rear: 20x10, 20x10.5, 20x11, 20x12


The XO brand of wheels is all about sleek, definitive design, and the XF1 delivers this in spades.  XO’s straightforward yet subtle design philosophy is prominent in this multi spoke design, featuring a set of angular spokes which meet in a satisfying concave center.
XO is home to many innovative wheel face designs, such as the XF1 and its sharply modeled spokes which create a completely unique aesthetic.  These rims are sure to catch the eye with their rarity, while simultaneously giving off a restrained impression.
In the interests of top-notch quality, these rims are rotary forged at high pressures for lasting strength and low weight to assure increased performance and endurance. The tried-and-true rotary forged process creates an extremely lightweight wheel, which outperform cast wheels in every category. And of course, the XO XF1 are fully JWL and VIA industry certified, so their reliability is proven. 
XO wheels set themselves apart from the competition by offering cutting edge, modern custom finishes with a wide range of colors and surfaces.  They’re also offered in many diverse sizes and widths; especially useful for that perfect staggered fitment. Combined with their unique styling, the XO XF1 have the potential to become the most striking asset available to outfit your car.
This crisp, exclusive set of multi spoke wheels is just what you need to complete your sports or luxury vehicle’s presence. 
Order now, or contact one of our specialists immediately with any questions, concerns, or fitment questions. Your vehicle will come together in an outstanding package sure to stand out in a crowd!