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Front: 20x9    Rear: 20x10/11


MRR wheels are at the front of the pack when it comes to aesthetically pleasing wheel designs, and the Z28 is just one of their showstoppers. It only takes one glance to notice MRR’s attention to detail when creating an accurate replica of the original 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 stock rims. The masterwork is apparent on every surface of this classic Y spoke design.
This artful replica is just one of many stylish wheels in MRR’s arsenal, though at the forefront we have the Z28 and its expertly sculpted spokes which create a classic aesthetic. These rims are sure to be the talk of the town at any car meet or car show, instantly recognizable to any wheel enthusiast.
As far as construction is concerned, these rims are cast at high pressures for persistent strength and low weight, which assures increased performance and durability. The reliable high pressure casting process creates a light and sturdy wheel, which can be trusted for years to come. Naturally, the MRR Z28 are fully JWL and VIA certified, so there are no concerns whatsoever about future reliability.
MRR wheels have carved out their place in the market by creating modern, beautiful wheels, whether they be replicas or original offerings. Their stylings are most suited to sports cars, with a variety of sizes and widths which can come in handy when setting up a staggered fitment. Combined with their unique styling, the MRR Z28 have the potential to become the most striking asset available to outfit your car.
This expertly recreated replica set of Y spoke wheels is the perfect option for anyone seeking that classic Chevy look.
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