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Front: 20x8/8.5/9    Rear: 20x10/10.5/11/11.5/12



Forgestar is known for its stylish, attractive, and sturdy rims, and the Forgestar CF5V follows closely with this trend. This model boasts a concave Y spoke design, with a minimalist lip.  The cleanly machined spokes are set in a symmetrical pattern, which give this set a sleek and sporty look.
In keeping with their theme of quality wheels, Forgestar rims are rotary forged, in order to provide exceptional structural strength and low weight. The Forgestar CF5V also conform to rigorous JWL and VIA regulations, which assures their safety and durability.
The Forgestar CF5V wheels’ strengths lie in their customizability. Since these wheels are created specifically for you and your needs, they ship with your exact vehicle’s bolt pattern. Additionally, you may specify a custom offset for your car, if necessary. You can also get creative with wheel widths, should you desire a staggered setup. You can request custom finishes, in addition to the usual custom machining to fit perfectly on your vehicle.
The CF5V are an ideal choice if you want an immaculate custom manufacturer finish, factory-perfect fitment, all in a rotary forged package.  Their rotary forged construction provides significant benefits over cast wheels, especially stock manufacturer rims.  Upgrade now, and see the difference for yourself!
This concave Y spoke design will provide tangible benefits to performance, safety, and style. Pick these up if you desire a clean and pronounced aesthetic, with unparalleled customizability straight from the manufacturer.
Order now, or contact one of our specialists immediately with any questions, concerns, or fitment questions. Soon, your ride will be an object of envy for everyone you meet!