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Front20x9    Rear20x10.5



Ace Alloy is in the business of making finely crafted, beautiful wheels, and the AFF06 definitely fits the bill. This model features a solid concave 6 spoke design, with a notched and angled lip. The muted yet unique design sports a symmetrical pattern, giving this wheel a fascinating aesthetic.
Thanks to the rotary forged construction process, Ace Alloy is able to provide consumers with a high quality wheel. This ensures that your new rims will be incredibly durable, yet lightweight. No matter what your focus may be, these wheels definitely deliver. The Ace Alloy AFF06 also meet stringent safety JWL and VIA regulations, as a testament to their build quality.
The AFF06 are also highly customizable, straight from the manufacturer. Ace Alloy custom makes each wheel order to your specifications, so you’ll know for a fact that when they arrive, they’re exactly what you specified. Of course, you can choose different fitments in order to accomplish an aggressive staggered look as well.
These rims are a quick pick if you desire a wheel with an impeccable finish alongside enticing aesthetics. Thanks to rotary forged quality, this high quality construction method provides considerable benefits over their cast counterparts. This set is a no brainer if you want to augment your car’s looks and performance in one shot!
This concave 6 spoke design is the best upgrade you’ll ever choose. Nab this set if you’re in the market for a unique, bold design with exceptional customizability straight at every step of the way.
Order now, or contact one of our specialists immediately with any questions, concerns, or fitment questions. Don’t dawdle, and pull the trigger on these seductive rims!