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Front: 20x9  Rear: 20x10.5



Ace Alloy wheels are the golden standard for gorgeous, yet functional wheels, and the Ace Alloy AFF01 are no slackers in either department. This model features a striking concave double 5 spoke design, with a chiseled angled lip. The precisely machined face is set in a symmetrical pattern, to give this set an air of uncompromising grace.
In order to provide top-tier wheels, Ace Alloy rims are rotary forged. This provides customers with a product that is exceptionally strong, while also being lightweight and nimble. The Ace Alloy AFF01 also meet or exceed strict safety JWL and VIA regulations, which assures quality manufacturing.
One of the main reasons to pick up the AFF01 is their multitude of customization options. Ace Alloy will custom machine every wheel to the end user’s specifications, matching your exact vehicle’s bolt pattern. This also means that you can specify front and rear wheel widths, should you choose a staggered setup.
The AFF01 are an excellent choice if you want a wheel with an impeccable, high-quality finish, expertly laid over a rotary forged package. Their premium construction provides substantial benefits over cast wheels, especially manufacturer rims. Make no mistake, upgrading your wheels is an upgrade for your whole car’s performance!
This concave double 5 spoke design provides instant benefits to performance, safety, and style. Pick these up if you desire a clean and pronounced aesthetic, with unparalleled customizability straight from the manufacturer.
Order now, or contact one of our specialists immediately with any questions, concerns, or fitment questions. Don’t hesitate another moment before outfitting your car with the amazing rims it deserves!