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Front20x8.5, 20x9    Rear20x10, 20x10.5


Ace Alloy wheels are the apex of exquisitely crafted wheels, and the Ace Alloy Convex lives up to the promise. This model features an airy concave multi spoke design, with a minimal lip. The uniquely designed spokes are set in a symmetrical pattern, giving this wheel a flashy aesthetic.
Ace Alloy rims are rotary forged to provide customers with the utmost in quality construction. This provides you with a product that is incredibly strong, yet light. Whether you’re looking for performance, looks, or both, the Ace Alloy Convex will deliver. These wheels also meet or exceed strict safety JWL and VIA regulations in order to assure your safety.
The Convex also ships with a myriad of customization options. Ace Alloy custom machines every wheel order to your specifications, so there’s no guesswork about whether these wheels will work on your setup. Of course, you can specify different front and rear wheel widths to get that seductive staggered look.
These rims are an easy pick if you desire a set with a flawless finish to complete the look. Since you’re getting rotary forged quality, this top quality construction provides marked benefits over their cast counterparts. This will be the best decision you make for your favorite vehicle’s looks and performance!
This concave multi spoke design provides tangible benefits to almost every aspect of your vehicle. Pick these up if you desire a clean and seductive aesthetic, with incomparable customizability straight from the manufacturer.
Order now, or contact one of our specialists immediately with any questions, concerns, or fitment questions. Make the right decision and grab these unrivaled wheels from Ace Alloy now!